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Weekly Critics Circle Competition Winner

Monday, March 22, 2010

Well done to all reviewers this week in the Critics Circle. The very high standard made it almost impossible to pick a winner. Congratulations to Anthony Twist whose review just clinched the prize! We hope you enjoy your bottle of Malt!

Here is the review of 'Battery Farm'  that Anthony submitted:

The pielight for me had to be Andy Grays saucy performance as the force fed fatted calf humourously facing a steak pie filling future. Having ridden

the oil gravy train into an apocalyptic human harvesting siding he had to meet his baker. He was ably prepared by the bubbly erstwhile rescuer Denise Hoey and a simmering simian beating performance rendered by Alan Bisset. I was stirred by andy’s indignation at being fat and his comically contorted orgasm betraying face. Next time I’ll arrive early to get the pie of my choice and avoid the pillar but won’t stew on this as I was richly entertained and effectively gently ecologically prodded.

  And remember if you're coming along to see The Garden this week get writing your reviews for the site and you could be our next winner!

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  1. Terrymac said;

    22 March 2010, 4:28 pm

    I have only one wee comment on Anthony Twist’s
    review of ‘Battery Farm’.
    The Oran Mor is in Glesga innat.No gie us a wee clue whit the hell yer talkin’ aboot, Jimmy!

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