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The Woman from the North Review

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Alan Chadwick gives four stars to this weeks play in The Herald. Catch the full review here.

And don't forget, you're not to late to be a critic yourself. Leave a review at our Critics Circle and you could win a bottle of Malt whiskey.

The Woman from the North by Bernard MacLaverty runs until Saturday 8th May.

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  1. Mary Boyle said;

    06 May 2010, 12:23 am

    The Woman from the North by Bernard MacLaverty captures the dilemma of dementia from the viewpoint of the sufferer,in this case Cassie Quinn,who has been placed in residential care by her concerned son for assessment. A diagnosis of his mother’s worrying behaviour. It is a moving piece which captures the bewilderment Cassie experiences in trying to come to terms with her new circumstances. It’s simple staging and strong performance from Eileen Nicholas as Cassie, almost make one feel an intruder, witnessing the diminishing identity of Cassie before our very eyes, feeling compassion for her plight yet powerless to offer solutions or answers that will satisfy either party. To those of us who have experienced dementia first hand it is an accurate account of its beginnings, to others an insight into this thief of a disease which steals the very essence of our being.

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