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One Gun

A small town on the East coast of Scotland is rocked when a teenager is shot. The mother of the child, a local artist, and a United Nations observer are thrown together for five days to create a message of hope for the community and destroy the gun.

Featuring Jenni Kennan Green, Robin Laing and Louise Ludgate.

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  1. Jock Barge said;

    25 October 2010, 3:31 pm

    Is public art simply a worthless bourgeois imposition? It’s rare to find a writer tackle such a question directly, but Ian Low’s ‘One Gun’ grabs it by the throat.

    Set in a small Scottish town following a boy’s death, the story follows his mother, a UN arms decomissioner and a public artist as they meet to plan the official response. Clashes ensue as we explore the three troubled backstories and watch each struggle with their own loneliness and futility.

    The result is a vivid and credible show that is by turns coarse, cynical and quietly peculiar, yet ultimately curiously affecting.

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