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The House

Jerry, Joe and Mad Jim Black work in the house. Grateful to be gainfully employed in these trying times, all seems right with their world. One day during their lunch hour, their sense of values are tested to the limit. A black comedy about desperate men.

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  1. Ali Catterall said;

    25 November 2010, 4:48 am

    Lovers of black comedies, particularly the work of Martin McDonagh (In Bruges), will be in their element here, with this savagely funny short from actor/writer Steve McNicoll and director Sacha Kyle

    The set-up’s simple enough: workmen Jerry and Joe (Lewis Howden and James Young) shoot the breeze downstairs on matters of the heart, while their Yeats-spouting colleague ‘Mad’ Jim Black (Kieran Cunningham, in a role specially written for him) makes one hell of a racket upstairs.

    The exact nature of the ‘building’ work being carried out, or of Jerry and Joe’s conversation and its outcome, is left for the audience to ponder (uncomfortably, after lights out).

    Shocking, surprising – and surprisingly moving, The House features sterling work from the three leads and lines that will nest in your head for days afterwards. (Just don’t ask the precise meaning of the phrase “Idi Amin with his arms folded”.)

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