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In the Pipeline

Let’s barricade some bridges, let’s show them they can’t push us around. Which is fine, except they can push us around. And they will, if they want to.

A massive liquid gas line tears through the countryside of west Wales. Gary Owen opens the doors to three of the residence in the port of Milford Haven, Andrew, Dai and Joan, who are caught in its path.

Starring Meg Wynne Owen, Rhodri Lewis and Grahame Fox.

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  1. A Strachan said;

    13 September 2010, 11:49 am

    Mixed performances but good way to spend a lunch time. It was an interesting idea – 3 stories, told in monologue form, linked by the theme of the closing of a power station. The first story was engagingly performed, with humour and conviction. So too was the last story.Meg Wynn Owen has a lovely voice and drew one into her story.(I recognised her as the a well known cast member of Upstairs Downstairs) The second story was less well thought out, a little forced and the actor nervous and forgetful.Worth a look.

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