Oran Mor

A Play, a Pie and a Pint

“One of the most magical theatre initiatives of the last decade”

200th Play

To celebrate the 200th play commissioned and produced at Oran Mor as part of a play a pie and a pint 40 writers have been commissioned to write plays on the themes of Glasgow then and now

A cast of many of Scotland’s leading actors working with a team of 8 directors will perform the mini plays at lunchtimes from October 4th to 9th

The lunch hour has been stretched a bit to fit all the plays in so if you have to get back to work by 2 try to come on the Saturday or make sure you have an out of office afternoon meeting!

Plays are arriving every day and some of the writers who have already written plays include

Daniel Jackson, Alan Bissett,
Gregory Burke, Ian Pattison,
Iain Robertson, Dave Anderson,
Louise Welsh, Liz Lochhead,
Sean Hardie , Cathy Forde,
David Ireland, John Bett,
Peter Arnott, Morag Fullarton,
Lewis Heatherington, Peter Mcdougall,
Olly Emanuel, David MacLennan,
Denise Mina , Greg Hemphill,
Donna Franceschild, Davey Anderson,
Ann Marie Di Mambro, Catherine Lucy Czerkawska,
Kate Donnelly, Clare Hemphill,
Ian Black, Zoe Strachan,
Chris Dolan, Andy Gray,
Mike Gonzalez

Don’t miss this unique dramatic experience – Oran Mor’s Autumn sale – 40 plays for the price of one!

Latest comments

  1. Beth Cullen said;

    09 October 2010, 12:13 pm

    200th Play – absolutely fantastic! We also saw Linda McLean’s play a couple of weeks back. Loved the subject and thought it perfectly cast. We never miss a Panto a Pie and a Pint. Is there any chance of it ever continuing between Xmas and New Year?

  2. Martin Farrer said;

    12 October 2010, 3:38 pm

    Drained glass – ate pie: What followed in 20 odd plays:-
    Laughed, cried, thought, sang, agreed, identified, disagreed, marvelled, nearly wet myself( Thanks to Andy Gray)
    Felt as though we had been at a wonderful birthday party – tried singing ” Bring on the Pies” on the train home – well done Oran Mor

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