Oran Mor

A Play, a Pie and a Pint

“What’s not to enjoy?”

Four Parts Broken by Fernanda Jaber

(Running at the Traverse Theatre in Edinburgh from 1st – 5th March. Click here for Traverse ticket information)

Jim and Philip are the best of Best Friends. They survived The Pig-Sty together, the Care Home for Kids at the edge of the city. But now Philip has a new mum, not to mention new trainers, a new phone and new everything. All Jim has is a broken zip on his anorak and a terrible secret hidden in his school bag. Nina loves Jason. Jason loves Nina. But Jason is broken, and won’t let anyone fix him. Nina, however, is a not a woman who takes no for an answer.

Seething with secrets, and darkly funny, this is a play about how people try to fix themselves and each other. And about how scary it is to be loved.

Featuring Stewart Cairns, Meg Fraser, Conor McCarron and Tom Vernel.

In 2006, SESI-SP and the British Council established a partnership to create a Playwright Development Centre, the Núcleo de Dramaturgia SESI-British Council, which aims to discover new Brazilian playwrights and develop new texts for theatre. It kicked off in October 2007.The project seeks to provide a process of long-term excellence focused on improving writing and encouraging the creation of new drama that express worldviews, languages, and aesthetic experiments, besides promoting opportunity of development and improve the visibility of texts of previously unpublished authors. The course lasts one year with regular classes at fortnightly meetings.  Since 2008 the Núcleo de Dramaturgia SESI – British Council is coordinated by the playwright and journalist Marici Salomão and the first professional production of a text generated in the Núcleo was “Notas da Superfície”, by Felipe de Moraes, a student of the 2008 / 2009 class. The second professional production, a real success around public and critic, was in 2010 with the text “Pororoca”, by Zen Salles, participant of the 2009/2010 class project. Both were presented at the Centro Cultural Fiesp at SESI.

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  1. Stephen Mitchell said;

    01 March 2011, 3:58 pm

    In a succession of two-handers we meet four vulnerable and damaged people. Two boys on the cusp of adulthood and an estranged couple. Despite the action beginning with the discovery of a rather grisly body-part in a bag, the play is more concerned with peeling away the layers of denial and bravado that the characters hide behind. Each successive pairing explores a different facet of each character, neatly dovetailing their back-story with the present action. I was left with a greater understanding and sympathy for characters desperate to love and to be loved.

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