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“arguably the best-value cultural event in the country”

One Night in Iran

A man and a woman meet for an assignation in a hotel. They have been in love for ten years but have never yet spent a night together. Tonight is the night they will consummate their passions. But this is Iran and what they are doing is illegal. If they are caught or even suspected they could be flogged or imprisoned.

Featuring Amiera Darwish and Nabil Stuart.

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  1. Julia Gordon-Smith said;

    27 March 2011, 9:44 pm

    In ‘One Night in Iran’ the dialogue revolves around an Emperor sized bed – a perfect metaphor for the emotional and legal barriers separating our two adulterous lovers. We never hear their names, but can testify to their intimacy and strangeness, passions and doubts. Nabil Stuart’s passivity & soft tones help convey a certain ineptness at duplicity which may sentence both characters to death; whilst Amiera Darwish exquisitly conveys the rage and defiance at a faith which entraps her with it’s hypocrisy. The lovers’ faith triumphs the hour, but we leave the theatre sadly uncertain for their future. (97 words)

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