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St Catherine’s Day

Saint Catherine’s Day tells the story of different generations of romantic Irish balladeers and how they view their occupation. Glib, shallow professionalism has replaced their originally noble purpose as singers. A remarkable thing happens during a moment of musical truth which throws them all into confusion.

‘’Never underestimate the power of cheap music.’’  Noel Coward

Featuring Ewan Donald, Richard Conlon and Michael Marra.

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  1. Frances Tennant said;

    29 March 2011, 3:07 pm

    Really enjoyed the play today.wonderful characterisations.Very impressed that Ewan Donald coped so well in changing his role so often.The singing was lovely,beautiful ballad towards the end of the play.It was a most enjoyable hour!

  2. J.Gordon-Smith said;

    05 April 2011, 8:45 pm

    If last week’s lunchtime comedy were a type of food, it might be a great big Chocolate Brazil. Sweet, tasty and good for you – in ‘St Catherine’s Day’ written by the UK’s answer to Randy Newman – Michael Marra gives us a short lesson in sincerity revealed through panto timing and ‘melt-in-the mouth’ Irish humour. Featuring the gentle and comic talents of Ewan Donald and Richard Conlon, under Marra’s affectionate confection lies an important message about the cult of personality and the demise of faith. With crisp direction by Jemima Lewick and ingenious comic devise by Patrick McGurn, ‘St Catherine’s Day’ plays Dundee Repertory Theatre ’til April 9th. It could do with longer – oh and maybe a prequel – but suck it and see.

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