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From Paisley to Paolo – Four Stars ****

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

This weeks play, From Paisley to Paolo by Martin McCardie gets four stars from The Herald.  Read the full review here.

From Paisley to Paolo stars James Kirk, James Young and Alan Tripney, and runs until Saturday:

Jack was born on the same day, in the same hospital as Paolo Nutini and he is a huge fan. When reality and fantasy combine to become the truth for him, he has to choose between the life he wishes he had, and the one he really has. He goes to a music festival in a stolen hearse to see Paolo with his two best friends, and nothing will ever be the same for them again.

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  1. Mary Boyle said;

    30 April 2011, 12:58 am

    Martin McCardie’s black comedy from Paisley to Paulo deals with a variety of themes,in a witty and sometimes hilarious manner.Urban decay and its accompanying hopelessness, friendship and gender stereotyping are explored by Jack, Mavis and Charlie the play’s three characters skillfully portrayed by James Young,James Kirk and Alan Tripney.
    Whilst hugely enjoying the performance, I feel the piece would be served far more effectively via the medium of a short film as it has a distintive “road” feel waiting to be explored and developed to a greater degree. It also possesses a wealth of latent visual classic comedic possibilities, such as the hearse and the mobile handset offering hope like an updated Pandora’s box.

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