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The Kiss

The Kiss is a mysterious encounter between a man and a woman on a park bench….Are they perfect strangers or have they known each other deeply, intimately for many years? Have they been lovers, siblings, father and daughter or husband and wife? When did they kiss so long ago and why can’t they quite remember? Humorous, surreal, disquieting. The Kiss redefines the world of the park bench.

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  1. George Cameron said;

    18 November 2011, 11:54 am

    When The Kiss by Murray Watts opened I thought it was going to be a play about memory loss, but as the two characters Man and Woman interact it becomes a play about snatches of memory remembered. Who are the Characters, husband and wife, young lovers, Mother and Son? I think the answer to that is yes. Through the two actors we get snapshots of what has been played out and thought while sitting on that park bench. Both actors always framing the brass memorial “In Loving Memory” which was the central point to the play.

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