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A Play, a Pie and a Pint

“The success of MacLennan's formula has been stunning”


They’ve stripped away and stolen but I won’t take a thing. I’m here. I’m strong. Lean on me.

Tommy’s just been laid off but Dean’s got a plan to make big money. When it’s every man for themselves what’s more important, legality or ethics? When there’s not enough to go around, who deserves the scraps? And is Brenda really so wrong for wanting a decent vacuum and two weeks in Butlins?

This is a play about money, and who’s really doing the hard graft.

Featuring Louise Ludgate, Simon Macallum and Stewart Porter.

A Paines Plough and Òran Mór production. Tour dates:

Traverse Theatre, 11 – 15th October

Manchester Royal Exchange, 17 – 21 October

Belgrade Theatre, Coventry, 25 – 28 October


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  1. Hugh Boyd said;

    30 November 2012, 10:08 am

    “Take Me If You Need Me” is this week’s Oran Mor’s lunchtime play, written by 10 writers and wonderfully played by three actors – Isabelle Joss, Iain Robertson and Mark Wood. It was a simple tale of love, lost love, sex, family, money, power, personal integrity and social class in half a dozen fast changing scenarios! It was a bit confusing. My neighbours right and left asked me “What was that about?” Well, the writers were students of television writing, so it’s episodic and they are young and so they try to solve all the problems of the world. Simple.

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