Oran Mor

A Play, a Pie and a Pint

“For producer David MacLennan and his team it’s been a stunning achievement”

Cathy Forde

Cathy Forde wrote over a dozen novels for Young Adults until she was diverted towards playwriting in 2008 with a commission from the National Theatre of Scotland. She has been writing drama ever since and can’t seem to stop. Her first play Empty was produced by the National Theatre of Scotland in 2010, swiftly followed by her first Oran Mor, The Sunday Lesson. A multi-cast, spooky play for schools, Chamber of Nothing was published earlier this year. She is still on commission to the National Theatre of Scotland and is also adapting one of her novels for the stage.

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  1. Robin Ewart said;

    20 September 2011, 3:08 pm

    This is a beautifully observed piece of writing about how a young man on his first day as a supply teacher is bullied by a couple of teenaged girls. The situation has probably been experienced by many young teachers but Cathy Forde probably draws more humour from the young man’s predicament than would actually happen in real life.
    Brilliantly acted by a young cast, including a real sixth former; we hope they all go far.
    An enjoyable and funny lunch time experience.

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