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“One of the most magical theatre initiatives of the last decade”

One Day in Spring

THE WRITERS WHO CONTRIBUTED MATERIAL TO THIS PROJECT ARE: Alaedeen Chouiref, Nazeeha Saeed, Abdelrahim Alwaj, Zeinab Magdy, Somar Dhagestani, Shima Hamed, Leila Soliman, Wael Quadour, Nawja Sabra, Arze Khodr and many others who contributed stories, facebook posts, slogans, or told us their experience. 

In partnership with the National Theatre of Scotland

24 Authors 24 Locations 24 Hours in one 50 minute play. Òran Mór and National Theatre of Scotland have commissioned short scenes from young playwrights across the Arab world. Each scene is a glimpse into a place and a moment in time. The whole show will be a portrait in glimpses of a generation and a moment of restlessness and change. The show will be performed by two young Egyptian actors and soundtracked with the best club music from Beirut, Tunis and Cairo.

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  1. Hugh Boyd said;

    25 May 2012, 9:18 am

    Oran Mor’s One Day in Spring series culminated with 24 Hours in the Middle East or How to Stage a Revolution in 18 Easy Lessons. An Arab-Scottish creation from many writers still living through the Arab Spring, these lessons were presented with emotion-stirring drama by Seif Abdelfattah and Sara Shaarawi who brought to us the complex emotions of being in an uprising – exhilaration, fear, violence, love, laughter, stress as violent reality strikes. Spontaneous youth-driven energy and electronic communication drive the protests. But for the Grace of God or Allah these revolutionaries could be my grandchildren.

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