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Critics’ Circle Competition Winner

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Jo Clifford and David Walshe. Image © 2012 Leslie Black Photography www.leslieblackphotography.co.uk

Congratulations to Isobel McFarlane who has been chosen as the winner of our Critics' Circle Competition for her review of Sex, Chips and the Holy Ghost.

Here is the review that Isobel submitted:

Do we seek entertainment which challenges us? This hit the spot Are we looking for acting which is consistently excellent? We certainly had it here particularly from David Walshe. Do we, even occasionally, expect to be questioning not only the context of what we see before us but, at times, also ourselves? Another box ticked here. Do we not warm to a totally “different” approach occasionally? Surely that was exactly how this performance started…we were there, we could not escape, we were involved. Perhaps not the most popular start to the season but a totally worthwhile piece of work.

And don't forget to leave a review for our Critics' Circle if you are coming along to see this weeks play Born To Run.

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  1. Jane Grove said;

    07 February 2012, 3:39 pm

    Not the most popular…that was kind. I thought this one was at times, dare I say, dire, although the initial premise was interesting and there were some moments of sparkle. Luckily, PPP is always refreshing, challenging and interesting even when it may not be what you were expecting. That is the joy of experiencing new writing. Make sure you don’t miss Born to Run this week. It’s simply brilliant.

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