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Critics Circle Winner

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Congratulations to Jim Kennedy who has been chosen as the Critics' Circle winner for his review of Serov's people.

Here is the review that Jim submitted:

What makes a good play? Clever idea? Certainly. Good script? Absolutely. Excellent acting? Undoubtedly. Brilliant design? Unquestionably.

By any of these measures, Serov’s People was very good indeed. The idea was ingenious, the script contained a balance of light and dark, funny and sad, the actors delivered their lines with wit and style and the design was simply superb, using the relatively small space to very, very good effect.

Improvements? Charlie’s last speech was a bit pompous and could be cut.

But most importantly-was it enjoyable? You bet! More please!

If you are coming along to this weeks play The Jean-Jacques Rousseau Show don't forget to leave a review for the Critics' Circle.

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  1. donna middlemass said;

    03 March 2012, 8:42 pm

    well after the fabulous xmas panto,could that be topped, yes indeed,what a delight of song,wit and humour, superbly delivered by a fantastic 4some,l just love each and every show, they are so varied and though provoking,its definately get the old brain box switched on ticking till the following weeks delights,,makes me feel alive to the delights of live entertainment,cheers to one and all, noone could do it better.

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