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Critics’ Circle Winner

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Congratulations to Adrianne Foulds who has been chosen as the winner of last week's Critics' Circle Competition.

Here is the winning review:

Missed last Wednesday’s play for 89 year old Father’s Funeral! Realise I am no longer a Glamourous Girl about Town but a Pensioner with Parkinsons!! Last night Listened to a Learned Professor for Aging on What Price Immortality!!! – AND enjoyed yesterday’s Play, Pie and Pint with Perfect Props – Doggy, Donkey, Dazzling Lights and Glowing Goldfish that seemed to Die but Come Alive on Cue – Gazed at ‘Wednesday Wornouts’ around me Wondering what Motivated Monfroone – Young, Talented and Lovely to write so Deeply about Death?? Gave me Something to Ponder – to Decide to Seize the Day, Write this and Wonder if I’ll Win!!

If you are coming along to see this week's play, Remember You Are Beauty Full , don't forget to leave a review and you could be the latest winner of the bottle of Malt.

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  1. adrianne foulds said;

    09 October 2012, 12:37 pm

    Thanks for that – my first crit – and I win the whisky -Thanks to Oran Mor, Colin B. Dave McL and the whole gang – Play, Pie and Pint is brilliant – we try not to miss it and always enjoy!
    Adrianne Foulds

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