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Critics’ Circle Winners

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Congratulations to our most recent Critics' Circle Competition winners - Angela Jefferies and John Davidson.

Here are the winning reviews:

Angela Jefferies, Loyalty/Operation Phantom Fury: 

Small cast , huge impact!

These plays sat very well together: Loyalty’s highly vulnerable recruit is processed till he cracks, whereas Operation Phantom Fury’s veteran set out in painful detail the human cost to soldier and civilian.

Via clever sound and light effects tension was cranked up as the ‘rookie’ entered the fray.

Factual information was skillfully interwoven within the script and powerfully conveyed. I found Michael Nardone’s performance exceptional: portraying emotional turmoil in such convincing depth that it was palpable. Even horrific images of children with birth defects seemed matched by the horror of his character’s torment.

John Davidson, Astonishing Archie:

Given the cast of Bill Paterson, Kenny Ireland and Sharon Small, had “Astonishing Archie” disappointed, it would have been, well, astonishing.

It didn’t. Funny throughout its fifty minutes, the play told the story of two brothers, separated by the length of the second world war and the music of their respective youths, arguing over the final piece for the funeral of their old friend, Archie. Sinatra vs. Elvis.

Who wins? Both and neither, with a resolution that would have astonished Archie.


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  1. Duncan Comrie said;

    27 November 2012, 10:05 pm

    OM 26.11.12
    Take Me If You Need Me or a day in the life of a ten pound note: found, given or stolen, it spends itself ten times, each with an emotional kiss-punch. It played out like a graphic novel mixed with spice of mime: Its black & white caricatures added melodrama & pathos to a stage where extremes meet. This contradictory, raw and yet sophisticated, example of theatre was a surprise.

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