Oran Mor

A Play, a Pie and a Pint

“What’s not to enjoy?”

3 Seconds

This is a co-production with the Traverse Theatre in Edinburgh

Featuring Cara Kelly, Claire Knight and Helen MacKay.

Diane lives at the very top of Scotland, at the highest point of her town. She used to curse the big climb – the Beefy Brae, the 8 flights of stairs – but now she leaves that to her foul mouthed daughter, Christine. As far as Diane is concerned this is the best and safest place to be – safe from stones through the window, prying eyes, dust, damp, dog hair, disease. And on the day the flood hits she couldn’t be further from its reach. But when Mary turns up, soaked and bleeding at the door, Diane’s flat becomes a very dangerous place indeed.

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