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A Play, a Pie and a Pint

“What’s not to enjoy?”


Gary’s got a good feeling about you. He believes that you’ve got it in you to be a winner. He believes that you’ve got what it takes to complete his five-step programme. He believes that you can be liberated from the tyranny of money forever.

Brothers and sisters – will you join him?

Crunch is a solo performance by writer/performer/director Gary McNair. Is it a lecture? Is it a test? Is he really serious? Come along, find out the answers, and test your beliefs.

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  1. George Cameron said;

    10 February 2010, 2:41 pm

    Critics’ Circle review

    What will we do for money, and could we live without it? Gary McNair tries to convince us we can. Dressed in Black and Gold with £10 in top pocket McNair delivers a lecture like performance on our belief in money. With interaction, McNair takes the audience though our inner greed whether bidding for an undisclosed amount or trading a jumper for actions! Could you really shred your hard earned cash? He convinces some they can! Go along and liberate yourself! This show is well worth the tenner!!

  2. Terry Mc Fadden said;

    10 February 2010, 3:27 pm

    This one man tour de dorce was like attending one of those early American sales courses which demanded continuous inter-action and participation from those present.
    The pacey, thought-provoking dialogue, which, on the face of it, seemed only to poke gentle fun at our financial institutions, still managed to leave the audience with a few alarm bells ringing in their sub conscious minds. Great theatre!

  3. Chris Smith said;

    11 February 2010, 4:22 pm

    First visit to ‘A Play,a pie and a pint’, always fancied going, what would it be like?Had a drink in the bar before the show to assess the vibe and dug the chilled atmosphere – and enjoyed reading about future plays. Hope it’s good. I battered my melt in to earn the right to go. I broke my tibia late 2008, am 44 in April and played football for 90 minutes Saturday past.Anyhow Gary McNair’s utopian, Glaswegian, machiavellian, richism (I’m after the malt!)play and way did not disappoint – the guy had the audience in his pocket throughout.(99)

  4. colin bulloch said;

    11 February 2010, 7:38 pm

    play which exudes “le crunch”[golden,delicious with bite}”critics’circle review”
    audience participation; abridged evolution of mankind from hunter/gatherers via bartering to complex economic systems.the man in black convinces/compells the audience to join him on his whirlwind explanation of his five step theory of belief in money/richism.a solo performance to match that of any wild west snake-oil salesman.he reveals to all assembled how can behave like sheep blindly following or even lemming -like in our urge to do his bidding.music,Dire Straits,Stereophonics,Darwin,economics,bidding,greed,jealousy and psycology interact in this

  5. Gerard Francis said;

    11 February 2010, 11:01 pm

    Critics’ Circle Review: No two performances of ‘Crunch’ are exactly the same. Such is the way of things when pastoral oratory meets stand up comedy. The essence of the play was inadvertently revealed by a member of Thursday’s audience who piped up in indignation that instead of eliciting
    money for shredding purposes, the actor (because let’s remember we were in a theatre) should ask instead for a £5 donation to charity. Through this outburst, the dénouement became clear: expressing horror at the destruction of a piece of paper was the perfect illustration of our love affair with money in its most devastating guise.

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