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“What’s not to enjoy?”

Casablanca (The Lunchtime Cut)

A lovingly disrespectful homage to one of the classic films of all time.

Set in French Morocco, 1941, a hotbed of corruption, teeming with Nazis and  refugees desperate to flee war torn Europe, Casablanca interweaves a tale of wartime conflict with political and romantic intrigue.

The “lunchtime cut”  was born of a great affection for the movie Casablanca,  so why not “play it again”  ?  (..but in a tiny gin joint with a cast of three).

Latest comments

  1. Jeanette Molloy said;

    25 April 2010, 11:05 am

    I seen this play yesterday and it is fabulous. The play of the year, most definately. Can you tell me if there are any future dates for this? My friend queued outside only to be disappointed along with many others as it was sold out. It was nice to meet Gavin in the lift before the show, who gave absolutely nothing away about the plot. LOL Please Please show this again???? Jeanette x

  2. Robert Wilson said;

    14 December 2010, 8:04 pm

    Being so close to the actors really delivered the emotional punch that this story is renowned for….love sacrificed for a greater cause…still fill up at the memory of it!

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