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critics circle

Join our Critic’s Circle and write a review of this week’s play.  At the end of each week David will pick his favourite review and the winner will receive a bottle of malt whisky.

And we’re not simply asking you to stroke our egos -  the best review means best written and not most flattering! All that we ask is that you keep your review within 100 words maximum.

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  • The prize will be available for collection from the Whisky Bar at Oran Mor

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Latest reviews

  1. hugh young said;

    08 July 2014, 5:22 pm

    Well done darlings!!
    Given the loss of a very large brick from the panto wall, the latest effort , Maw Goose, was a remarkable performance from all concerned especially by Juliet Cadzow and Dave Anderson; the satire, wit and humour were sublime.
    Paw Goose was homesick so he had legged it leaving Maw Goose and her Wee Willie to cope in this age of austerity and in the way of all good pantos’ good triumphed over evil. The cast slipped in and out of their various parts with ease.
    Pure empyreal, Dave and David, Juliet, Frances and George – another stoatir.

  2. Christine Holloway said;

    09 July 2014, 2:55 pm

    Went along to Maw Goose cursing the glorious weather today……panto is meant for deep mid winter, but hey, this is Glasgow so wait 5 minutes and it well could be!
    Another cracking performance from the usual suspects. The hour raced by in a blur. Up to date banter at the highest level, taking in the Commonwealth Games , the Bankers and of course September 18th. In fact the only stone left unturned was The World Cup which is a blessed relief!
    Thank you for all the lunch time laughs…….set us up for the weekend. Back soon looking for more (or is it Mor?)

  3. Anne Bryden said;

    12 July 2014, 8:23 pm

    I’ve been to panto at the Kings,
    The Pavillion and the SECC,
    But the Oran Mor summer wan,
    Is the best o’ them all for me!

    There were nae spectacular effects,
    Or puffed up magic tricks,
    But Maw Goose and company
    All gave it big “effin” licks!

    I laughed so much…I’m goin back for more,
    Of a panto, a pie and a pint….at Oran Mor,
    Thank you to everyone involved in the fun,
    Your panto for me was….NUMBER ONE!

  4. Ian Turbitt said;

    17 July 2014, 9:00 am

    Maw Goose !! A brilliant mini homage to traditional Glasgow pantomime. Dave’s big sonsie ‘Glesga Mammy’ pudden face, Juliet’s Janet Street-Porter Kelvinside Fairy Godmother, Frances’ Willie and Goose – an awsomely talented wee mover and singer, and big George’s lang black-and-white striped stick o’candy rock Baddie – his big round eyes a picture of Evil Glee. Banter all perfectly timed.(Why the frequent use of the ‘F’ word Dave ?)Missing were the traditional sweetie-flingin’ and the long legs of the Principal Boy. (Perhaps a future ‘Goose’ might wear more of a Paris Lido creation for us still unre-construsted males ?) !!

  5. Stewart mccardle said;

    18 July 2014, 1:25 pm

    Heavenly voices, hellishly good talent, and the usual (but better every time ) first class entertainment.
    Not often an audience of ‘mature’ Glaswegians responds to being called ‘boys and girls’ but as we did everyone forgot their age, circumstances and put on their rose tinted specs and joined in with the cast on a resounding rendition of that classic “enjoy yourself it’s later than you think, enjoy yourself while your still in the pink”
    An hour later, back in Byres road, back to reality – well as near reality as you can get in the west end, you might have spotted x4 gentlemen of a certain age behaving badly and still in ‘panto’ character mode.
    Great fun – I think I will go again before the ‘Maw Goose’ summer panto ends

  6. Fiona Gladman said;

    19 July 2014, 1:48 pm

    It’s another gem from Oran Mor
    A summer panto but so much more
    Laughter and political points to score
    Chuckling so much our sides are sore!

    For each cast member, so many parts
    From Maw Goose dame to a tart with no heart
    A Bay City Roller son wi’ roary red hair
    And a comical goose with gold to spare

    Then a song at the end when we sadly recall
    The man who brought us the show to end all
    Here’s to David Maclennan whom we miss so much
    That wonderful man with the magical touch

  7. Rachel said;

    22 July 2014, 11:53 pm

    This Maw Goose is a wonderfully classic Scottish panto. Packing the show as full with meat as the accompanying pie, the cast zipped through musical styles, punching puns, timing tough rhymes, satirising social themes and current events – alternately flirting with and winding up the audience. Seasoned audience participation by this mature cast and crowd – with heroines we loved to cheer and villains we loved to hate. The familiar winter format turned out surprisingly cool and refreshing in summer.
    If pantomime was an event at the Commonwealth Games, this cast and script would be up for gold.

  8. jim dickson said;

    26 July 2014, 7:35 am

    Something Old something New something Borrowed something Blue Is it a bride no its Panto time again so sit back and let the good times roll. Missing this time was members of the audience being asked on stage to put their heads through cut out holes and sing. I suspect that Liz Kristiansens performance at christmas put an end to that. Well so ends a successful but very sad season the acid test begins in September Im sure the team is up for it and I cant wait.

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