Òran Mór Summer Panto Announced – Dracula: Revamped

We’re delighted to announce that the Òran Mór Summer Panto 2019 is Dracula: Revamped by John & James Kielty…

DRACULA IS PAN-BREID! Or IS he?  For MINA is turning into a VAMPIRE and JONATHAN is worried.  Returning to Transylvania, they find DAME IGORETTE in a wretched state: with no VAMPIRE to terrorise the village, tourism has dwindled.  There’s only one thing for it: resurrect DRACULA… just long enough to break the spell over MINA and bring back the tourists.  But the Calculating Count has other ideas:  once re-incarnate, he kidnaps MINA and flees to Weegieland – where the sun never shines! JONATHAN and IGORETTE must unite and defeat DRACULA before MINA becomes his vampire bride forever…

Performances| 2nd – 20th Jul | Mondays - Saturdays
Date Doors Open Show Time Ticket Price
Tue 2nd Jul 12pm 1pm £15
Wed 3rd Jul 12pm 1pm £15
Thu 4th Jul 12pm 1pm £15
Fri 5th Jul 11am / 1:30pm 12pm / 2pm £15
Sat 6th Jul 11am / 1:30pm 12pm / 2pm £15
Mon 8th Jul 12pm 1pm £15
Tue 9th Jul 12pm 1pm £15
Wed 10th Jul 12pm 1pm £15
Thu 11th Jul 12pm 1pm £15
Fri 12th Jul 11am / 1:30pm 12pm / 2pm £15
Sat 13th Jul 11am / 1:30pm 12pm / 2pm £15
Mon 15th Jul 12pm 1pm £15
Tue 16th Jul 12pm 1pm £15
Wed 17th Jul 12pm 1pm £15
Thu 18th Jul 11am / 1:30pm 12pm / 2pm £15
Fri 19th Jul 11am / 1:30pm 12pm / 2pm £15
Sat 20th Jul 11am / 1:30pm 12pm / 2pm £15

Doors open at 11am for 12pm shows, at 12pm for 1pm shows and at 1.30pm for 2pm shows. 


Please note that ALL tickets for this year’s panto will be available in advance from TicketWeb / 08444 771 000 (booking fee will apply)*

* If the tickets have SOLD OUT on TicketWeb, there will be NO tickets available at Òran Mór on the day of the performance. There will ONLY be tickets available on the door on the day if a show has NOT sold out in advance via TicketWeb.