Mini Musicals Season: THE DAY I FOUND THE BLUES

Mon, 06 June, 2016 — Sat, 11 June, 2016

By Dave Anderson | Directed By Stasi Schaeffer

Mini Musicals Season: THE DAY I FOUND THE BLUES

400th play at A Play,  A Pie and A Pint!

Starring Dave Anderson, Davey Anderson, Gregor MacKay, Marianne Pedley, Christina Strachan and Fraser Speirs.

“The day I found the Blues
The sun was in the sky
The Lord was in His Heaven
No tear was in my eye
No holes was in the soles of my shoes
The day I found the Blues…”

It wasn’t the Cold War: at fifteen, he’d grown up with that, and it was just a fact of life…
It wasn’t the girl back home who’d chucked him: he’d found a holiday romance here on the West Coast in a sunny August, 1960…
It wasn’t the dismal “turns” at the local Miner’s Welfare: he was too young yet to be subjected to that…
It was a record – and then another record, and then another – it was the music…


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