The 2019 Òran Mór Christmas Panto is Dixie Whittington by Morag Fullarton! Stay tuned… more details and ticket information coming soon!

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Òran Mór Summer Panto 2019 Dracula: Revamped by John & James Kielty

Dracula: Revamped by John & James Kielty

Tue 2nd – Sat 20th July 2019

Cast: Darren Brownlie, Angela Darcy, George Drennan & Ashley Smith.

DRACULA IS PAN-BREID! Or IS he?  For MINA is turning into a VAMPIRE and JONATHAN is worried.  Returning to Transylvania, they find DAME IGORETTE in a wretched state: with no VAMPIRE to terrorise the village, tourism has dwindled.  There’s only one thing for it: resurrect DRACULA… just long enough to break the spell over MINA and bring back the tourists.  But the Calculating Count has other ideas:  once re-incarnate, he kidnaps MINA and flees to Weegieland – where the sun never shines! JONATHAN and IGORETTE must unite and defeat DRACULA before MINA becomes his vampire bride forever…

Please note: Our Pantomimes are aimed towards an adult audience with an age recommendation of 14+