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Mon, 16 April, 2018 — Sat, 21 April, 2018

Cast: Joyce Falconer and Benny Young  Six years ago Sandy ruined his daughter’s wedding day with a Top Table speech that laid bare the family shortcomings once and for all. Well, the joke’s on him, because now, he’s dead. You are cordially invited back to the same venue to witness Sandy’s memorial service, where his […]

The Persians

Mon, 23 April, 2018 — Sat, 28 April, 2018

Cast: Irene Allan, Meghan Tyler & Liam Brennan “The Ancient Persians: when it came to major decisions they all had to agree when they were pissed, and they all had to agree when they were hideously hungover.” An online petition to bring back the death penalty is rattling the nation, and the government must respond. A […]

Where’s Lulu

Mon, 30 April, 2018 — Sat, 05 May, 2018

Cast: Romana Abercromby, Sarah McCardie & Stephanie McGregor With a number one in America and a TV series in the UK, at 20 Lulu is a global star. But has she lost herself in an image others have created for her? Preparing to sing a song she hates at the 1969 Eurovision song contest, she relives […]

Hot Water

Mon, 07 May, 2018 — Sat, 12 May, 2018

When steamy pleasures take an unexpected turn relaxation shifts to stone cold terror. A life is put on ice. As flesh and blood cools, is hope enough? One woman. One bath. One radio. One day at a time. For 15 years Steven Dick has written extensively for radio, stage and television for the biggest names […]

Chic Murray: A Funny Place For A Window

Mon, 14 May, 2018 — Sat, 19 May, 2018

The “Comedian’s Comedian” Chic Murray passed away in Edinburgh on the night of the 29th of January, 1985. In a career that had taken him from an engineer’s apprenticeship in Kincaid’s Shipyard, Greenock, to the top of the bill at The London Palladium, Chic was a complete one-off. On what is his last day on […]

The First Dance

Mon, 21 May, 2018 — Sat, 26 May, 2018

Cast: Darren Brownlie. Daniel Cahill & Jo Freer The First Dance.  It’s very important, they say.  So let’s make it memorable.   Romantic.  Professionally choreographed to “I Had the Time of my Life” from Dirty Dancing.   Rhona likes a challenge.  After all she is marrying Terry.  And his two left feet are the least of his worries […]

The Vampire Clinic

Mon, 28 May, 2018 — Sat, 02 June, 2018

Sadie and Finlay meet in the ‘vampire clinic’, an anti-coagulant clinic for people stricken by a stroke. While attending for a blood bout they share stories and, with a new found awareness of their mortality and the preciousness of life, they gradually reveal a disillusionment with the life they have lived with their respective spouses. […]