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A Play, a Pie and a Pint is a multi-award winning organisation and Scotland’s most prolific producer of new plays.  We produce over 30 plays and engage more than 150 actors, writers and directors every year.

Over the coming years, we are committed to diversifying the artists we work with to ensure that the stories we tell and the people that tell them reflect the world we live in, as such we are always on the look out for a wide range of artists from diverse backgrounds and cultures, and aim to include a wide range of personal characteristics within the pool of artists we work with.

How it works

Every PPP show has a cast of a maximum of 3 performers, runs for 45-50 minutes, rehearses for 2 weeks followed by a week long run at the Òran Mór in Glasgow’s West End. We regularly work in collaboration with venues across Scotland, with our productions travelling onwards to other venues after finishing a run at Òran Mór.


We support Equity’s #CastItHere campaign.  We see it as our responsibility to cast from the talent pool based in Scotland, particularly from Glasgow and surrounding areas.

Casting Process
As a small team producing over 30 plays per year, our time and resources are limited.  Our casting process at times reflects this.

  • Casting decisions are ultimately made by the director of each individual production with support from the PPP team.
  • While we aim to hold auditions for available roles, directors on our projects have the right to make direct offers to actors
  • Audition notices are sent to agents directly and in some instances, actors may be invited directly to an audition. This is why engaging with us is important.

We aim to engage with a wide range of diverse actors living in Scotland.  The following ways are best to engage with us

  • Our website, newsletter and social media is where all our news is posted
  • Email the team on with a short introduction and your Spotlight link or link to your acting CV. We will read all emails and while we may not respond, details will be added to our actors database
  • Invite us to see your work with plenty of notice – seeing people’s work live is the best way for us to engage with actors that are unknown to us

Throughout the year, the team will hold a number of general meetings.  These will be with our Artistic Director, Producing team and where possible, with freelance directors.  These will include:

  • General meetings organised directly via agents based in Scotland
  • Further and Higher Education general auditions
  • Open call outs to performers without agency representation
  • Open call outs for all

Open call outs will be advertised on our website, newsletter and on our social media channels.

Our commitment to meeting new talent is genuine and while we are only a small team dealing with casting, we will endeavour to keep abreast of and meet as many actors based in Scotland as we can.  We will continue to monitor how we work, in order to ensure ongoing improvement.


We aim to support a wide range of directors at different ages and stages of their career.  With a variety of genres of show across the year, we need a variety of directing experiences and styles.

If you’re interested in working with us as a director, please email us with an up-to-date CV and in the first instance, the Artistic Director or a member of the Producing team will endeavour to meet with you.  Please note we receive a high volume of emails requesting to meet with us so it may take some time to organise a suitable time to meet with you.

Some writing projects already have a director attached to them but on the whole, the Artistic Director matches the right director with the right project.  This is why it is so important that we are aware of the directing talent there is based in Scotland.  We are looking to work with directors who can demonstrate professional experience directing their own work or as an Assistant or Associate.

Assistant Directors

We also welcome contacts from people interesting in Assistant Directing.  Often we host placements through the partnerships we have in place with colleges and universities, but also welcome interest from people out with these establishments.

If you’re interested in assisting, please email us telling us about your experiences so far and why you’re interested in coming along to work with PPP.  We offer a mixture of paid and unpaid placements, depending on funding streams available to us.


We work with a variety of writers, through

  • direct approach
  • pitched ideas
  • unsolicited scripts

As you might expect, a prolific producing house receives a prolific number of scripts, and as such we work with the Playwrights Studio Scotland to provide a script review service.  All unsolicited scripts will be processed via this service and recommendations will be passed onto the Artistic Director and Producing team.  This service has recently reopened, please click HERE for further information or email

Other roles

Due to the volume and speed at which we work, we have a team of in-house set/costume, sound and lighting designers that work with us year round.  However, on occasion we do work with external creatives, so if you’d like to work with us and are based in Scotland, then please feel free to send in a CV in for us to keep on file.  These opportunities are fewer, but they do come around on occasion.

How to get in touch

We hope that this has answered some of your questions.  To get in touch, please contact:

Email: or

Follow us on social media @playpiepint

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