Mon, 23 October, 2017 — Sat, 28 October, 2017

By Karen Dunbar | Directed By April Chamberlain


Cast: Karen Dunbar, Maureen Carr and Clare Waugh

Produced in association with the Traverse Theatre

In a Partick there’s a quiet storm brewing. 71 year old Chrissy invites her two oldest friends, Jean and Coco, to her house as she has something to tell them. Problem is her friends can’t stand each other but they’re eager to hear Chrissy’s announcement.  The two OAPs rassle for Chrissy’s affection, slinging ancient mud at each other.
Then comes the revelation: which changes everything. #71 sees three women who’ve spent most of their lives together explore the global reality that most people in the world are not exactly as they present themselves to said world: Do we really ever know each other?

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