Mini Musicals: The Thinkery

Mon, 04 June, 2018 — Sat, 09 June, 2018

By Brian James O’Sullivan | Directed By Stuart Hepburn

Mini Musicals: The Thinkery

Cast: Nathan Byrne, Jimmy Chisholm, Sandra McNeeley, Tom Urie

A son with a gambling problem.

A father with mounting debt.

A philosophy school for wastrels.

Oh aye, and we’re in ancient Greece!

Inspired by Aristophanes’ The Clouds, this new musical follows Strepsiades and Pheidippides as they attempt to clear their debts. With a little help from Socrates and his beloved Clouds, Pheidippides learns to argue his way out of anything! Will this elevate him to the high life or bring his world crashing down?

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