20th Anniversary Book – Audience Choice

As part of our 20th anniversary in 2024, we are putting together a book to celebrate this milestone with a collection of plays from our past twenty years.

In October, we opened up suggestions to the public and had an incredible 91 plays nominated. Thank you so much to everyone who took the time to nominate and explain their reasons why.

As a team, we have carefully read through all the available plays and have shortlisted them to the six plays below. These plays were chosen as any of them would offer something substantially different from the other ones currently selected for the book.

The shortlisted plays are:

Burning Bright
by Áine King

A dark comedy about three separate people experiencing first-hand the impacts of our rapidly changing world. Burning Bright was the winner of our David MacLennan Award 2022/23

Performed 27 February -4 March 2023 at Oran Mor.
Starred Adam Busch, Hannah Jarrett-Scott and Suzanne Magowan.
Directed by Roxana Haines.

by Belle Jones

Beside a crumbling drystone dyke on an estate in the Highlands, small farmer Donnie, a dour character who owns his own place, is debating the future of the glen with neighbouring tenant farmer Rhona, after the death of the reclusive old laird. Part of our Spring 2022 season co-produced with An Tobar & Mull Theatre.

Performed 13 – 18 June 2022 at Oran Mor.
Starred Belle Jones, Helen Katamba and Ross Allan.
Directed by Rebecca Atkinson-Lord.

My Doric Diary
by Aye Tunes!

A heart-warming jukebox musical about what it means to love and let go. The show began life as a series of popular Tik Tok songs, covering classic pop songs in Doric, before being performed at PPP and going on to have its own tour.

Performed 4 – 9 April 2022 at Oran Mor.
Starred Katie Barnett and James Siggins
Directed by Douglas Irvine.

by Taqi Nazeer

 A comedy about love, family and the people we choose (or don’t choose) to marry. The first PPP show by Taqi Nazeer who went on to write last year’s South Asian horror Jinnistan.

Performed 5 – 10 March 2018 at Oran Mor.
Starred Mandy Mhari, Paul Chaal and Taqi Nazeer.
Directed by Maryam Hamidi.

by Lorna Martin

An inspiring drama based on the incredible life of Women’s Football trailblazer Rose Reilly who is Scotland’s only World Cup winner when she won the cup…with Italy.

Performed 13 – 18 September 2021 at Oran Mor.
Starred Christina Strachan.
Directed by Maureen Carr.

by Aodhan Gallagher

A comedy-drama exploring the conflicting beliefs and biases of two gay men from very different generations. Write-off was first presented as a work in progress as part of Dundee Rep’s REP STRIPPED and was the first PPP show by Aodhan Gallagher.

Performed 13-18 March 2023 at Oran Mor.
Starred Richard Conlon and Bailey Newsome.
Directed by Irene Macdougall.

You can vote here for the one you would like to see featured as part of our 20th anniversary collection of plays. The form will close on Monday 8 January and the most voted play will be selected.

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