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We are now in our 30th Season of A Play, A Pie and A Pint. Check out previous shows from this season below. Images from previous seasons can be viewed in the Gallery. If you would like any further information about past shows then contact us.

PPP Statistics – End of Spring/ Summer 2019

A Play, A Pie and A Pint30 Seasons510 plays
Classic Cuts8 Seasons32 plays
Mini Musicals3 seasons13 musicals
Panto13 Christmas Pantos9 Summer Pantos

Click here to view a PDF list of archived plays from 2004 – present.

Mary & Ada Set the World to Rights

By Jane Livingstone

Mon, 15 November, 2021 — Sat, 20 November, 2021

It is scarcely brutality Miss Byron not to be granted every last thing your heart desires.’ In 1833 Mary Somerville, the brilliant, self-educated mathematician from Fife, has little time for Ada, rich, entitled daughter of Lord Byron who demands that Mary become her tutor. But when a vicious accusation causes Mary to doubt her entire […]

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The Storm

By Owen Whitelaw

Mon, 08 November, 2021 — Sat, 13 November, 2021

During a live broadcast, a studio audience gets more than it bargains for when the truth behind a best-selling author’s success is exposed. A darkly comic drama exploring the impact of fake news both in the past and in the present. Presented in Association with Traverse Theatre Cast  

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My Name Is Sarah, and

By Brian James O'Sullivan

Tue, 02 November, 2021 — Sat, 06 November, 2021

Unfortunately, this week’s performance of “Opening Time” has been cancelled, due to a cast member contracting COVID-19. Filling the gap – and back by popular demand! – is the smash-hit mini-musical “My Name Is Sarah, And…”, which The Scotsman called “an irresistible drama!” (★★★★) Your tickets for Opening Time are of course valid for this […]

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The Silver Superheroes

By Morna Young

Mon, 25 October, 2021 — Sat, 30 October, 2021

Do you know how many lives we saved? And what do we get? A bloody state pension. Strongman and Lady X were our seventies superheroes. They saved countless lives and ended disasters before we even knew about them. Then came the pains of old age… The world has forgotten that Dave and Xenia were once […]

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Exquisite Corpse

By Conor O'Loughlin

Mon, 18 October, 2021 — Sat, 23 October, 2021

Following a grim discovery on the grounds of Sugar Plum Park, attendant Iona and her manager Frank find themselves torn between propriety and self-preservation. As both corporate and familial pressures bear down, Iona is faced with an impossible choice that definitely was not in the job description. Cast

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My Name Is Sarah, and…

By Brian James O'Sullivan

Mon, 11 October, 2021 — Sat, 16 October, 2021

Musical Director: Brian James O’Sullivan Sarah’s forever getting chucked out – clubs, pubs, kids’ birthday parties – even the Asda once for chucking up all over the salad bar. But when her last remaining pal chucks her out of her wedding, and her life, Sarah has some cold hard truths to face… A one-woman musical […]

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The Tale of Typhoid Mary

By Marty Ross

Mon, 04 October, 2021 — Sat, 09 October, 2021

An epidemic of typhoid (a disease of the slums) among New York’s wealthy. A pioneering virologist traces the infection to Irish cook Mary Mallon. But Mary has no symptoms and denies the link. The state decides to seize and imprison her. But Mary won’t go without a fight, in this strange-but-true drama inspired by history’s most infamous “super-spreader”. Cast  

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A New Life

By Andy McGregor

Mon, 27 September, 2021 — Sat, 02 October, 2021

Robbie and Jess are living the life. He’s a successful computer programmer and she is on her way to being a headteacher. Until, totally out of the blue, Jess discovers she is pregnant. They’ll be fine. It’s just a baby. I mean… how disruptive to their metropolitan, 21st century lives can that be? They. Have. […]

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By Johnny McKnight

Mon, 20 September, 2021 — Sat, 25 September, 2021

Furlough is over for Jordan and, like many of us, he’s returned back to work. However once there he finds himself caught up in a complaints procedure delivered by his so-called ‘woke’ manager. Jordan’s accused of using offensive language in the workplace, language that he claims was intended as a joke. A joke that will […]

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By Lorna Martin

Mon, 13 September, 2021 — Sat, 18 September, 2021

Based on real life, Rose tells the incredible, uplifting and inspiring story of an underdog, working-class teenager from Ayrshire who refused to play by society’s discriminatory rules, and who overcame numerous obstacles, including a lifetime ban in her home country, to become a professional footballer in Italy who was voted the greatest female footballer in […]

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Celestial Body

By Morna Pearson

Mon, 06 September, 2021 — Sat, 11 September, 2021

Laura looks to the celestial body to change her life. Hamish moves on from a trauma he’d rather forget. Bruce joins a gym to try and win back his wife. They all share a past but one of them doesn’t know it yet. Celestial Body is a dark comedy about forgiveness and revenge. Presented in […]

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The Beaches of St. Valery

By Stuart Hepburn

Mon, 16 March, 2020 — Sat, 21 March, 2020

Eighty years ago, in June 1940, Churchill hailed the “miracle of Dunkirk,” when all 350,000 men of the British Expeditionary Force were evacuated to safety. But for the men of the 51st Highland Division, there was no miracle. Sacrificed in a secret political deal, Churchill ordered them to stay and fight to the last bullet. […]

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Paring Off

By Alma Cullen

Mon, 09 March, 2020 — Sat, 14 March, 2020

Murdo is a middle aged butcher with a closely guarded secret and two feet in need of some serious chiropody. When Mimi, the warm-hearted, hard-headed [though soft in the head when it comes to long term commitment- phobe football manager boyfriend Kenny, owner of Happy Feet Chiropody clinic sees Murdo’s feet she guesses his secret… […]

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By Isabel Wright

Mon, 02 March, 2020 — Sat, 07 March, 2020

Daniel returns to Edinburgh to help his father clear out the family home. A battles of wills ensues as Daniel is forced to face the truth about himself and his past. A witty black comedy about love, loss and coming home to a city you barely recognise.

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