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Critics’ Circle Winner

Wed 18th February 2015

Congratulations to Jim Kennedy, who has been chosen as the winner of our Critics’ Circle Competition for his review of We Can All Agree to Pretend This Never Happened.

Here is Jim’s winning review:

A Play, a Pie and a Pint’s ability to enthuse and entertain continues with its 350th piece “We Can All Agree to Pretend This Never Happened”.
Imported from Philadelphia, the play makes passing references to American dramatic icons: Dustin Hoffman’s Rainman is reflected in Andrew’s repeated “I am an excellent problem solver”; the loud, sometimes frenetic, action recalls Robin Williams; Woody Allen can be seen in the sharp dialogue. Add in a superb set, excellent acting, direction and sound and you get a truly enjoyable play.
Well done PPP. Here’s to the next 350!

If you are coming to see this week’s play, Netting, don’t forget to leave a review in the Critics’ Circle. Bottle of Malt up for grabs!

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