Òran Mór Summer Panto: Pure Freezin’

By Andy McGregor

Mon, 02 July, 2018 — Sat, 21 July, 2018

Please note this play ended on Sat, 21 July, 2018.

Òran Mór Summer Panto: Pure Freezin’

Cast: George Drennan, Hannah Howie, Rebekah Lumsden, Tom Urie

Widow Swanky has never been prouder. Her darling daughter Elsie is to become Lord Provost of Glasgow and nothing, not even the scheming Mayor of Cumbernauld, is going to get in her way. That is until Elsie fails to control her strange, ice-inducing power and sends Glasgow into a deep, dark winter. After Elsie runs away to hide in a giant ice palace, the town is left in the hands of the big, bad Mayor of Cumbernauld. Only Elsie’s sister Annie, and a gang of wacky friends, can convince Elsie to return – but can they do it before the Mayor takes total control and Glasgow stays frozen forever?! 

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*Please note – our Panto is aimed towards adults and does contain some strong language. Recommended for 14+ years

Performances |2nd - 21st Jul | Mondays - Saturdays
Date (July 2018)|Doors Open|Show Time|Ticket Price
Mon 2nd Jul|12pm|1pm|£15
Tue 3rd Jul|12pm|1pm|£15
Wed 4th Jul|11am / 1:30pm|12pm / 2pm|£15
Thu 5th Jul|12pm|1pm|£15
Fri 6th Jul|12pm|1pm|£15
Sat 7th Jul|11am / 1:30pm|12pm / 2pm|£15
Mon 9th Jul|12pm|1pm|£15
Tue 10th Jul|12pm|1pm|£15
Wed 11th Jul|11am / 1:30pm|12pm / 2pm|£15
Thu 12th Jul|12pm|1pm|£15
Fri 13th Jul|12pm|1pm|£15
Sat 14th Jul|11am / 1:30pm|12pm / 2pm|£15
Mon 16th Jul|12pm|1pm|£15
Tue 17th Jul|12pm|1pm|£15
Wed 18th Jul|11am / 1:30pm|12pm / 2pm|£15
Thu 19th Jul|12pm|1pm|£15
Fri 20th Jul|12pm|1pm|£15
Sat 21st Jul|11am / 1:30pm|12pm / 2pm|£15


Please note that ALL tickets for this year’s panto will be available in advance from

www.ticketweb.co.uk / 08444 771 000 (booking fee will apply)*

* If the tickets have SOLD OUT on TicketWeb, there will be NO tickets available at Òran Mór on the day of the performance. There will ONLY be tickets available on the door on the day if a show has NOT sold out in advance via TicketWeb.

Please note this play ended on Sat, 21 July, 2018.
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