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Critics’ Circle Winners

Wed 29th April 2015

Congratulations to our most recent Critics’ Circle winners, Alicia Sutton, Isobel McConnel and Robert Somerville. Check out the winning reviews…

Alicia Sutton ~ Broth

The oozy gravy served alongside the pork pies is a perfect accompaniment to this bloody tale. Set inside a family kitchen, the scene is ordinary but the circumstances are not. Who is the slumped figure beside Granny maniacally munching shortbread?

‘Broth’ is at times slapstick and at others poignant. It’s a gripping story and we left with several thoughtful questions (perhaps in part due to our fledgling dexterity at understanding Scottish accents). We’d put a Play, a Pie and a Pint in the number one spot for top things to do when visiting Glasgow.

Isobel McConnel, ~ Whisky Galore: 

Ochone, ochee uisge-beatha for free!

After that it is really all at sea!

Those Toddy folks seem “on the rocks”

As onwards they amble….no real fun, no shocks!


Subtitles are fine, we follow just so

The problem’s the script, there’s nowhere to go!

The original was epic ..real magic

The conversion’s lost focus which is truly tragic


The acting is excellent but we really want more

Disappearing without trace Scottish Theatre’s Whisky Galore

Raise a dram to the concept…an idea worth airing

But with this version, are the audience really at all caring?


Robert Somerville ~ No Nothing

No Nothing is a deeply moving and quietly inspirational two-hander written by Alan Spence. It celebrates Jimmy Reid and Edwin Morgan, two iconic, though very different, wordsmiths. The Scottish poetic tradition of flyting is used to reveal these two great Scots in all their contrasting complexity. The play’s most moving moments are deeply personal, but it’s message is also political. Any play which can reference Brecht, Dick Gaughan and The Proclaimers has got to have something interesting to say

In its celebration of the power of words, love, life, Scotland and hope, No Nothing is a play which cries Yes Please!

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