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Critics’ Circle Winners

Wed 20th May 2015

Congratulations to our latest Critics’ Circle winners, Hugh Boyd and Anne Pirrie. Coming along to PPP? Leave a review for the Critics’ Circle in under 100 words and you could be the next winner of the Malt Whisky!

Here are Hugh and Anne’s winning reviews:

Anne Pirrie ~ Tommy’s Song: Tommy’s a stotter. Naw, he’s a rotter, but all the women love him anyway. He’s dead gallus, but never you mind, his turkeys’ll come home to roost before Christmas is oot. (And that’s just the birds, no the wimmin.) It’s gonnae be his dad’s last Christmas. And what does Tommy do? Give him a right doin’ over. He’s aye needin’ the Money Honey, does Tommy, and he thinks schmoozin’ wi’ Elvis is goin’ tae get him a woman. He’s waitin’ for his blue moon tae turn to gold again. Fat chance son. Ya stotter.

Hugh Boyd ~ The War Hasn’t Started Yet: The War hasn’t Started Yet is a slightly surreal series of episodes with the many characters brilliantly portrayed by Lewis Howden, Anita Vettesse and Mark Wood. That playwright Mikhail Durnenkov is a Russian who works in Moscow can’t be ignored, particularly in the scene in which the (Russian?) TV newscasters consciously pervert the truth and build up hate of the neighbouring state – just as our politicians deal with the poor and disadvantaged in Britain. Quite separately, in the last episode the husband’s latent violence is chilling and universal over time and place. Definitely a play to make you think.

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