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Statement on Gaza

Mon 20th November 2023

Like countless others across the country and world, we have been distraught following the events unfolding in the Middle East.

The attack on Israel by Hamas was horrific, and we sincerely hope that the hostages are returned to their loved ones safely and as soon as possible. We do not condone this action in any way. 

The retaliatory response that has led to unbearable pain, devastation, and death being inflicted on innocent Palestinians in Gaza who were already suffering under a blockade, has no legal or moral justification.

We are a small arts organisation but we have a voice and it is important to speak up when the world is witnessing one of the worst humanitarian crises in our time. We support an immediate ceasefire to end the suffering and death of innocent lives, and stand in solidarity with our peers, colleagues, and other arts organisations who are calling for this necessary action too. 

We support Art Workers for Palestine Scotland’s Open Letter and will be asking our audiences after each show this week to make bucket donations that we will forward on to support necessary humanitarian aid in Gaza.  

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