Summer Panto 2017 PUNocchio

By Gary McNair. Music by Dave Anderson

Mon, 03 July, 2017 — Sat, 22 July, 2017

Please note this play ended on Sat, 22 July, 2017.

Directed by Ron Bain

Summer Panto 2017 PUNocchio

Cast: Dave Anderson, Darren Brownlie, Kirstin McLean and Frances Thorburn

For hundreds of years Pinocchio has been the liar. That’s just been his thing. He thought it made him cool. But now, in 2017 he’s realised that lying is nothing special, everybody’s at it- politicians, bankers, news reporters. The games up. So Pinocchio is moving on and has decided that comedy is his thing. He rebrands as Punocchio and somehow everyone still seems to think he’s the fanny.

Come and join us for the singing, dancing and silliness of the Òran Mór Summer Panto!


Please note that ALL tickets for this year’s panto will be available in advance from / 08444 771 000 (booking fee will apply).

If the tickets have SOLD OUT on ticketweb, there will be NO tickets available at Òran Mór on the day of the performance. There will ONLY be tickets available on the door on the day if a show has NOT sold out in advance via ticketweb.

Tickets: £15

PLEASE NOTE: Our Panto is aimed towards adults and does contain some strong language and adult themes, this show is recommended for ages 16 and over.

Performances | 3rd - 22nd July | Mondays - Saturdays
Date (July 2017)|Doors Open|Show Time|Ticket Price
Mon 3rd|12pm|1pm|£15
Tue 4th|12pm|1pm|£15
Wed 6th |11am / 1:30pm|12pm / 2pm|£15
Thu 6th|12pm|1pm|£15
Fri 7th|12pm|1pm|£15
Sat 8th |11am / 1:30pm|12pm / 2pm|£15
Mon 10th|12pm|1pm|£15
Tue 11th|12pm|1pm|£15
Wed 12th|11am / 1:30pm|12pm / 2pm|£15
Thu 13th|12pm|1pm|£15
Fri 14th|12pm|1pm|£15
Sat 15th|11am / 1:30pm|12pm / 2pm|£15
Mon 17th|12pm|1pm|£15
Tue 18th|12pm|1pm|£15
Wed 19th|11am / 1:30pm|12pm / 2pm|£15
Thu 20th|12pm|1pm|£15
Fri 21st|12pm|1pm|£15
Sat 22nd|11am / 1:30pm|12pm / 2pm|£15

* Doors open at 11am for 12pm shows, at 12pm for 1pm shows and at 1.30pm for 2pm shows.

Please note this play ended on Sat, 22 July, 2017.
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